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New Motifs helps you achieve clarity about the world by focusing on topics that range from business to culture. 

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What is New Motifs?

A Motif is a dominant Idea or feature. 

In cinema, you have the hero's journey where a normal guy (or girl) becomes a badass. Think Star Wars. 

In entrepreneurship, you have the hacker that drops out of school, codes 20 hours a day, and builds a billion dollar business. Think Facebook. 

In fashion, luxury is associated with exclusivity and expense. Think Louis Vuitton. 

There are just a handful of the thousands of invisble themes that shape our world - and lives. Not all of them are beneficial. Some of them are. 

New Motifs is a publication that explores the motifs in our lives which range from business and art to society as a whole. We accomplish this through a mix of science and storytelling. 

Our goal to to help you understand them, embrace them, or tear them down. 

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